Turners Falls Schuetzen Verein

                    2018 Wedding Contract Rental

 2018 Wedding Contract Rental

  The Schuetzen Verein on: ________________ approved your request for the use of the facilities.

 Name of organization/party/person: __________________________________________

 Address (street, town, state, zip) _____________________________________________

 Telephone # ___________________ email: __________________________

Event Date:_______________  Time frame requested:     

Caterer (Name and Contact Number)__________________     

Caterer Arrival Time: (No sooner than 3 hours prior to rental agreement or an additional $100 fee)       

Guest arrival _______________         Ending Time: _________________                               

Bar:     ____yes     _____no                Approx. # of guests __________

Schuetzen Verein rental fees. (Check appropriate options)

All functions must be over by 9:00 PM unless prior arrangements have been approved.

[   ] $1000.00 grounds rental fee for up to 8 hours ($100 clean up fee included for grounds and kitchen)

[   ] $1100.00 grounds rental fee for over 8 hours ($100 clean up fee included for grounds and kitchen)

      The $100.00 clean up fee in the rental price is: (Refunded by mail after the event, providing the renters have left the grounds and kitchen in a clean and organized manner.) The rental agreement allows the parties access to the grounds after 5PM the evening prior to the event and grounds must be cleaned no later than 9:30AM the day following the event.

Upon approval of event, full payment of rental fee is due by the next club meeting (second Wednesday of the month)

 Failure to pay the facility fee in full will result in cancellation of event.

[$                           ]     Total amount of check being sent.

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 A Town of Gill, by-law, requires a police officer(s) to be present during an event with 300 or more guests. The rental party pays this expense to the Town of Gill. Schuetzen Verein officers can assist renters with arrangements and payment details if applicable.

 Schuetzen Verein has a license to sell alcohol and soft drinks on the premises. Function participants are not allowed to bring alcohol beverages on the grounds. Please inform your guests prior to your event.  Violators will be asked to leave the premises and the attending police officer(s) will be notified and appropriate action taken.

“You and your guests will pass through a recreation area in order to access Schuetzen Verein property. Please obey posted speed limits to protect the safety of pedestrians, children and pets traveling along the road.”

1.      The applicant will abide by all town by-laws, rules of Board of Health, Police, and Fire Department.

2.      No trampolines or “bounce houses” or other equipment or apparatus without the express written consent of the TFSV Officer(s) allowed on the property.

3.      Proof of liability insurance may be required with a minimum limit of $500,000. 

4.      Applicant hereby assumes responsibility and liability for any and all injury or damage to the person or property of the User or others connected therewith, be the business or personal invites, and further shall indemnify and hold the TFSV harmless in the event of any such injury or damage from any and all claims, awards or attorneys’ fees.

5.      Reservations must be made with the Turners Falls Schuetzen Verein (TFSV) no later than __ weeks prior to the proposed use of facility.

Please complete the contract marking appropriate boxes, keep a copy for your records and return completed form with payment to:         Schuetzen Verein

                                                               PO Box 447

                                                               Turners Falls, MA 01376

Questions may be directed to: 

Ray Zukowski Club Secretary- 1st (413) 522-5781, (413) 498-5474 (eve) or                            Mark Matusz Club Treasurer- 2nd (413) 863-9422

 The date of your function shall not be considered” set” until you received verbal or written verification from our  secretary, Ray Zukowski, and your contract fee is paid in full.          Thank you for your cooperation from our members. Hope you enjoy the Schuetzen Verein. Please sign as your signature indicates you agree to the above conditions. Failure to abide by this agreement i.e. alcohol brought on the premises, may prematurely terminate your function.


Printed Name______________________________Telephone Number:________________


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